Luxury Real Estate Defined:

The benchmark for the world of Luxury Real Estate differs significantly around the world depending on the real estate market.  For example, homes in Atlanta, Georgia over $500K are considered luxurious, while Toronto Luxury homes are considered anything over $2 Million.  Housing availability, location, and culture all play a role.  Below is a loose guide to what is the average price of a luxury home in a given type of area.

Living In Puerto Rico Luxury Real Estate

Puerto Rico is known for its beautiful beaches, exotic hideaways, and breathtaking mountain views. It’s just one reason why it’s such a popular getaway – even for celebrities. There are plenty of stunning luxury Puerto Rico homes available for you to purchase, or you...

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Inside Eli Manning’s Luxury New Jersey Condo

Eli Manning has put up his luxury condo in New Jersey, and it sold for a record $3.55 million. The NY Giants quarterback is now not only known for breaking records on the field but can now add another record to his list – for selling the highest priced condo in New...

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Inside Justin Timberlake’s Soho Penthouse

Known as one of the most successful pop stars with a net worth of more than $200 million, Justin Timberlake and his actress wife Jessica Biel has recently put their Soho penthouse on the market for $8 million. This beautiful 2,600-square foot penthouse in Soho, Los...

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Inside The World Of Luxury Real Estate Auctions

Typically we cover luxury homes or celebrity homes, but this would typically be the "middle class" of luxury, but there is even another level of luxury that even exceeds that and you rarely find the "ultra" luxury simply listed on the MLS.  Even if you do see this...

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Top 5 Club Corp Golf Real Estate In Dallas

Nothing really says luxury real estate like a private golf club. It's not the golf itself, I'm pretty sure we've all seen golf courses that weren't luxury real estate but a  good private club just feels like luxury, kind of like a good spa.   Why pick when you can...

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How to Become Luxury Real Estate Agent

If you've looked long and hard for ways to be become a luxury real estate agent you probably felt like there's a special club and you weren't invited.  Once you peel back the curtain, you realize that there's really no real special club or how to guide.  Yes, there is...

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