11 of the Richest Areas in Atlanta by Neighborhood

Atlanta isn’t exactly known for luxury, it’s not near the ocean or water and yet it’s one of the largest cities in America.   Atlanta’s luxury real estate technically starts at $500,000 but for that price, you could get everything from a sprawling mansion in the suburbs to a small condo in the inner city.  So where is the real Atlanta luxury real estate?  We’re here to show you 8 of the Richest Areas in Atlanta by Neighborhood.

Rich Areas in Atlanta Criteria

Before we begin, there are a few Atlanta natives that might read this and we need to clear up why certain areas or neighborhoods were left off.  Luxury and Buckhead in Atlanta are almost synonymous and while you might colloquially say that Buckhead is a neighborhood, it’s actually not any sort of official area, neither is Midtown for that matter.  It’s just an area that the locals know.   So while Druid Hills and Brookhaven are rich areas and all have some major luxury real estate in Atlanta, if it wasn’t an official “subdivision” then it didn’t make our list.  Sandy Springs is the only city/area/subdivision that made the list.  This is due in part because it’s an official area in Atlanta, and because real estatat agents in Atlanta don’t seem to know how to list the homes accurately there. Finally, the subdivision had to have active homes for sale in order for us to include it.  Finally, Atlanta condos did not make the list either.

11. Sandy Springs

Sandy Springs is a city located just to the northeast and is home to some of the most expensive real estate in all of the Atlanta area.  If you’ve ever had to drive through the area you’ll know that real estate taxes aren’t the only price of living in this area as traffic is horrendous.  However, it’s rumored to be home to several celebrities including Justin Bieber, whose home is dubbed “The Spaceship.”

10. Chateau Elan

Some neighborhoods on this list are here simply because of the price point, but Chateau Elan is here because it’s not only home to some of the most luxurious homes in Atlanta but it also makes this list because of its amenities.  Chateau Elan is home to a winery, 3 golf courses, a hotel and a few thousand homes.  Although it’s a subdivision, it’s the size of a small city and it’s all luxury homes.  Located in Braselton, it’s on the edge of what’s considered metro Atlanta, and is home to quite a few Atlanta athletes.

9. Chastain Park

Chastain Park is a classic subdivision that when you consider its location, amenities, size of the homes, actually seems like a good deal, relatively speaking.  Where else in much of the US can you get 7,000 sqft of luxury in a major city for around $2 Million, that’s an 800 sqft condo in San Francisco!  Chastain Park features homes of all styles and isn’t as glamourous as some others on this list but certainly is one to consider if you’re looking for a solid luxury community.


Atlanta Luxury Neighborhoods

8.  The River Club – Suwanee GA

Considered to be the most luxurious real estate in Gwinnett County, The River Club starts with homes above $1 Million and goes as high as $6 Million.  A gated community, with swim, tennis and of course, golf,  The River Club is a hot attraction for top executives and athletes including Mark DeRosa who is selling/sold his mansion. The River Club is particularly popular with dentists and doctors as it’s a great neighborhood with amenities for the entire family.

8 of the Richest Areas in Atlanta

7.  The Manor – Alpharetta, GA

In the same vein as The River Club, this gated community features what’s affectionately called, “McMansions.”   Situated on lot size less than one acre, these min-estates are nestled in one the most popular relocation cities to move to outside Atlanta, Alpharetta GA. In fact, Alpharetta real estate is one of the richest areas in Atlanta.   The Manor is known for it’s high end real estate, but tennis enthusiasts will sing the praises of one of the largest tennis facilities in the state.  Of course, The Manor features, golf, indoor and outdoor swimming and playgrounds.

8 of the Richest Areas in Atlanta

6. Morningside – Atlanta GA

If there was a classic go-to Atlanta neighborhood with historic value it’d be Morningside.  Although many Atlantans might call Morningside luxury, it’s in its own category because it’s just a neighborhood where people genuinely want to live.  There are not too many status symbols in Morningside (aside from the wildly varying architecture), and although there are typical amenities, it’s nothing close to the wow factor of The Manor or The River Club.  Homes start in the Million range and go up to $2.7 Million with homes built in the 1930s.

Richest Areas in Atlanta

5.  Haynes Manor – Atlanta GA

Many of the homes in Haynes Manor look as if they were plucked from the French countryside and placed on Atlanta fescue. Built in the 1920’s Haynes Manor features homes priced from $1 to almost $4 Million.  Haynes Manor is popular due to its history, larger lot sizes and proximity to one of the richest areas of Atlanta, Buckhead.

Richest Areas in Atlanta

4.  Sugarloaf Country Club – Duluth, GA

Sugarloaf Country Club is home to some of the more famous real estate, in part because of its luxury, but more likely due to its infamous past (from Michael Vick’s foreclosure, to “the madame”). Sugarloaf Country Club is also home to many athletes, doctors, and other executives. The reason is the same as The River Club and The Manor, in fact, on many occasions, these neighborhoods compete for buyers. Sugarloaf CC is a part the TPC as well as home to tennis, swim and a gated community (which can’t be said for all of the neighborhoods on this list.

Richest Areas in Atlanta

3.  Atlanta Country Club

A bit of a misnomer, as the Atlanta Country Club is actually located in Marietta, GA.  With prices from around $1 Million to $5 million, this neighborhood could still be financed.  However, expect to be asked for your luxury home pre-approval.  Atlanta Country Club is a classic subdivision from the 1980s that stands as a timeless luxury.  Atlanta Country Club is home to Robin Meade among other celebrities.

Richest Areas in Atlanta

2. Ansley Park – Atlanta, GA

Even Wikipedia says Ansley Park is an affluent residential neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia (aka richest areas in Atlanta). With homes that date back to nearly 1900, the subdivision is classified as a historirc district. In 2008, the median household income for the neighborhood was $226,335. With homes ranging from $1 Million to $4.5 Million.

Richest Areas in Atlanta1. Tuxedo Park – Atlanta, GA

Tuxedo Park is by far the most luxurious real estate in Atlanta!  Quite possibly the Richest area in Atlanta.  With prices up to $12 million and names that are not just rich but also powerful on the street, living here means you likely know someone who knows someone.  Tuxedo Park is home to the Governor’s mansion and has been the home of Robert Woodruff, former chairman of Coca Cola, and Bobby Jones, the beloved golfer, and currently Nathan Deal.

Any luxury real estate agent worth their salt knows about Tuxedo Park!

In Conclusion of 8 of the Richest Areas in Atlanta

That concludes our look at the richest areas of Atlanta by looking at the top 8 neighborhoods in the Atlanta Metro Area.  Some honorable mentions are Chastain Park,  several neighborhoods in Johns Creek, such as St Ives, Chateau Elan in Braselton, as well as St Ives in Monroe GA.  As a side note it’s a shame that many of these multi-million dollar communities don’t hire professional real estate agents, many of the photos we shared here were picked through many other photos that were not “shareable.”

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