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8 Challenges With Luxury Home Sales And How To Overcome Them

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Selling luxury homes can be challenging and often presents a range of unique challenges due to the various types of people and negotiations, which in turn can ultimately determine the success or failure of a real estate agent.

Below is a list of 8 challenges that real estate agents commonly face when operating within in the luxury home market and is accompanied with recommendations on how to overcome them.

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7 Video Marketing Ideas That You Can Use for Real Estate Right Now

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Video is an indispensable marketing tool for improving your luxury real estate business. High-end real estate properties generally have a small market – it’s crucial that you’re able to earn the prospect’s trust and effectively close the sale when an opportunity presents itself.

Video content marketing allows you to easily express your personal brand, your knowledge, your listings and successes in a visually appealing and effective format. The power of video is undeniable. Stats show that by 2019 video will comprise an astounding 82% of all internet traffic! 83% of businesses believe that video returns a good ROI and 97% of businesses who created video suggested that it improved user engagement and understanding of their business offering.Continue reading

Inside The World Of Luxury Real Estate Auctions

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Typically we cover luxury homes or celebrity homes, but this would typically be the “middle class” of luxury, but there is even another level of luxury that even exceeds that and you rarely find the “ultra” luxury simply listed on the MLS.  Even if you do see this kind of home on the MLS, you likely won’t get access to the home without jumping through several hoops.     In particular, many of the listing agents for ultra-luxury real state require proof of funds upfront before viewing as well as any other disclosures that might need to be signed.   For those kinds of homes, they are typically sold via auction (if the seller wants to sell in a timely manner).   So let’s look Inside The World Of Luxury Real Estate AuctionsContinue reading

9 Explosive Luxury Real Estate Marketing Ideas For 2018

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The Luxury real estate market is definitely a different market entirely than the regular real estate market. Luxury homes are “want to” homes, not “have to” – meaning home buyers typically want to live in these luxury homes whether they are on Marco Island Florida or a luxury home in Detroit, it doesn’t change the fact that these homes are, well in a word, luxuries. In addition, many of these homes are only lived in for a short period of time. The question comes then, How do you market a luxury home? So we’re here to the rescue with 9 Luxury real estate marketing ideas for 2018.Continue reading


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