Top Luxury Real Estate in Newport Beach

Are you looking to invest in real estate and buy a new house? If you want to purchase a luxurious residence, then you should explore the options available in Newport Beach. With immense natural beauty and all modern amenities, it is one of the best places to live in.

Located in southern California, this coastal city will allow you to stay close to the water. The enormous harbor is always loaded with boats. There are two piers in the Balboa Peninsula. Moreover, the Balboa Fun Zone is an excellent amusement park that will let you enjoy in full view of the ocean. You can head to the local beaches like the Wedge and the Corona del Mar State Beach if you want to relax. In case you are a fan of art, the Orange County Museum of Art is the place to visit.

Now that you know why you need to settle down in Newport Beach, you should secure a home in one of the following neighborhoods.

1. Balboa Peninsula Point:

If you want to settle down in a luxurious neighborhood, then you should go for Balboa Peninsula Point which is easily one of the most premier spots in Newport Beach. Situated at the end of the Balboa Peninsula, it represents a community that is exclusive but welcoming.

You will be able to lead the beach life once you start living in Balboa Peninsula Point because you will be surrounded by warm, blue waters. You can take your pick from bay view homes and ocean front homes so that you do not have to settle for the second best.

Popular streets include Channel Road, Granada Ave, Ocean Blvd., Plaza del Norte and Serano Avenue. You will find that the Wedge is located very close to this neighborhood. It is known for its high waves and is a surfer’s paradise, as well as a celebrity home haven..

2. Harbor Island:

Located in Newport Beach, this semi-artificial island is home to celebrities and businessmen who want to lead an exclusive lifestyle. This is a gated luxury community and very post which means that houses here are rather expensive. However, they are well worth your money they have resort-like amenities.

Harbor Island has only 30 properties which means that you could be one of the precious few living here. You will get absolute privacy and peace. If you live towards the interior, you will have a view of the harbor and the attached boat docks. On the other hand, the houses located towards the tip of the island will give you a stunning view of all the waters surrounding Harbor Island.

3. Corona del Mar:

Among the most affluent neighborhoods in Newport Beach, Corona del Mar appeals to people from all walks of life. Located by the seaside, it gives residents a brilliant view of the seas while preserving its heritage. Corona del Mar is a large community that is expanding rapidly. Known for its beautiful beaches, it also has tide pools and cliff side views that will keep you hooked for hours on the scenery. The famous beaches in the area are the Corona del Mar State Beach and the Crystal Cove State Park.

The neighborhood settled in during the 20th century as a result of which the older part of Corona del Mar is filled with buildings that represent traditional architectural forms. You can also pay a visit to the quaint village shops that exude rustic charm. The newer areas have a large number of ranch-style houses which are perfect for families.

4. Linda Isle:

Located towards the Lower Bay of the Newport Beach, this residential community is a beautiful place to live in. Designed in the shape of a horseshoe, it is a gated community that is very exclusive. You can explore the huge bay front homes which will give you a brilliant view of the waters. All the houses come with their own private docks. The Linda Isle community has been in existence since 1963, and it is equally enticing even today. The location is also very convenient as you can travel to the market in no time.

5. Dover Shores:

Situated in the Upper Newport Bay area, Dover Shores is one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in Newport Beach. You will find large extravagant houses here that offer stunning views of the waterfront and the beach. The Dover Shores is an important real estate area as it is located near the Newport Beach Back Bay reserve area. One of the biggest draws about Dover Shores is the presence of private beaches. They give you a private but enjoyable experience.


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