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5 Celebrities Who Went Bankrupt Lost Their Luxury Homes

| Celebrity Homes

Celebrity Wealth & Bankruptcy

The two seem to go hand-in-hand for many celebrities who catapult to fame, only to be shot down from their glory with a fat atx bill, a costly divorce, or a poor investment decision. In this post, we’ll be discussing how some of the most high-profile and prolific celebrities have had to undergo bankruptcy, restructuring, and ultimately adjust their lifestyle considerably. Read on to learn more about some of the most popular cases of celebrity bankruptcy and how you yourself can avoid such a predicament.Continue reading

5 Of The Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Atlanta Luxury

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Atlanta is known for having multiple upmarket areas, where houses go for more than twice the national median and incomes per household are also almost double the national average. Some of these wealthy neighborhoods are home to doctors, lawyers and successful business executives, which is why Intown Atlanta real estate is referred to as the land of the 1%.

But where exactly do the richest people in Atlanta live? From the luxurious Buckhead, to the upmarket neighborhood in Kirkwood; we take a look at the top five wealthiest neighborhoods and what they have to offer:Continue reading

8 of the Richest Areas in Atlanta by Neighborhood

| Luxury Market

Atlanta isn’t exactly known for luxury, it’s not near the ocean or water and yet it’s one of the largest cities in America.   Atlanta’s luxury real estate technically starts at $500,000 but for that price, you could get everything from a sprawling mansion in the suburbs to a small condo in the inner city.  So where is the real Atlanta luxury real estate?  We’re here to show you 8 of the Richest Areas in Atlanta by Neighborhood.Continue reading

Atlanta Luxury Condos – 1065 Peachtree St Atlanta GA 30309

| Luxury Market

Atlanta Luxury Condos are becoming more popular and this one at 1065 Midtown is no exception. Daniel Corp. developed 1065 Midtown, including the Loews Hotel and 52 residences, as part of its 12th & Midtown project. It later sold the 1065 Midtown units to TriBridge Residential. Rents have been averaging from about $2,500 to just under $7,000. The first conversions of the 1065 Midtown condos will come as tenants’ leases begin to expire.

Why This Matters to Luxury In Atlanta

The decision to convert the units comes amid improving Atlanta condo market. Resale prices for city condos surged 71 percent in the last four years, from an average of $140,000 a unit to $240,000 a unit, just under the median price points.Continue reading


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